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limited lifetime warranty

What is lifetime warranty?

Warrants its cabinetry to be free of defects in material or workmanship for as long as they are owned by you, the original purchaser.

Conditions of using limited warranty:

Wise Cabinet & Countertop Inc. (“We” or “Us”) extends the following limited lifetime warranty (“Limited Warranty”) to direct purchasers (“You” or “Yours”) of cabinets, countertops and Vanities made by us . This limited warranty only applies to direct purchasers of products in the United States. The limited warranty qualification cannot be transferred to others.

The limited warranty policy does not cover leased property. This limited warranty does not apply to landlords, rental companies and other commercial purchasers.

The warranty period of your product starts from the date of purchase and payment, whether it is purchased by you or by your third party. Your guarantee is valid only if you use the residence as a primary or secondary housing. If you sell the property, this guarantee does not extend to the future owner of the product.

Because we actively update and improve our products. Therefore, certain replacement products, components and parts are subject to circumstances and may be different from the products, components and parts originally provided. For warranty claims made by our outdated products, we cannot guarantee that the style and color of the replacement product will be exactly the same as the previous product.

This limited warranty does not include the following costs:

(1) The labor cost of the original installation, disassembly or reinstallation of the product or its defective parts;

(2) The disassembly, replacement, and reinstallation are necessary for repairing or replacing defective products or components. Installation labor costs and material costs;

(3) The labor costs or material costs for disassembly, reinstallation, repainting, repair or replacement of any other items or building materials other than the warranty product.

(4) The transportation and loading and unloading costs caused by the return and re-shipment of the warranty product.

The limited warranty does not apply to the following conditions:

  1. Install or use outdoors;
  2. The product is used for purposes not designed or planned by us;
  3. which has been subjected to misuse, vandalism, abuse, negligence, accident, or unauthorized modifications;
  4. Improper storage of items (if products must be stored, they should be covered and stored in a humidity and humidity controlled environment, avoiding direct sunlight);
  5. Products that have not been properly installed, cleaned or maintained;
  6. The temperature is too high or the humidity is too high;
  7. Damage caused by natural disasters such as fires, floods, etc., or other external causes;
  8. Changes in color and characteristics due to age, sunlight, smoke or other environmental conditions
  9. exhibiting any effects on the color and/or integrity of the finish/color or appearance due to the use of abrasive cleaners, cleaners that contain chlorine, acidic cleaners, scuffing sponges or steel wool;
  10. Normal wear and tear;

Limitation of Liability:

Wise Cabinet & Countertop is not responsible for damages cost beyond the actual purchase price. In addition, even if this limited warranty is deemed to have failed to achieve its basic purpose, we will not be liable for any, brief, incidental, special or punitive losses (including loss of profits)