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UV Panel

Door Panel

UV panel is a board whose surface is protected by UV treatment. UV paint is ultraviolet curing paint, also known as photoinitiated paint. Its characteristics are bright color, abrasion resistance, strong chemical resistance, long service life, high requirements for mechanical equipment and process technology, and it has the characteristics of moisture resistance and deformation resistance. The primer is non-volatile, non-toxic and environmentally friendly; it is a decorative board with ideal antibacterial effect after curing.


Cabinet Box

The interior of our cabinet is made of 3/4″ (or 18mm) plywood. It is extruded from multiple layers of solid wood panels. Compared with solid wood materials, this material has higher strength and is not easily deformed by moisture.

PET Panel

Door Panel

PET material has extremely high heat resistance and moisture resistance, especially when combined with zero joints, our hot-air edge banding machine does not apply any adhesive to edge banding. Using a proprietary glue to apply the material to the MDF substrate provides a stable, consistent and smooth surface effect. This actually eliminates warpage and ripples. There is no need to paint when using PET, saving time and money. Our PET material is very suitable for matte or high gloss, which can ensure design consistency and flexibility throughout your home or office.

Acrylic Panel

Door Panel

Some of our cabinet doors and the external part are made of 3/4″(or 19mm) acrylic panel, which is composed of the outer acrylic sheet and the inner MDF board. Acrylic sheet is a new type of three-dimensional material, which is what we call plexiglass. The surface of modern acrylic material is coated with high-strength ultraviolet absorber, and has a rich color. Even at night, the color is bright and penetrating. It has waterproof and sun protection properties. In short, acrylic sheet is durable, environmentally friendly and has a long life. MDF board has the characteristics of uniform structure, excellent material, stable performance, impact resistance and easy processing.